Combining ways to create a good mood 

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Combining ways to create a good mood. When life is face with hardships and hardships.

When life has to experience suffering, hardship, both physical and mental, no matter what. Most people tend to try to think, talk, complain, vent about their problems or things that cause them suffering. Which is not good for yourself at all. Because it will be more like injecting yourself with poison or hammering a spike that has an infinite length. Go deep into yourself The pain continues to deepen until it is difficult to withdraw, but having a good mood at UFABET will help solve the problem.

.Some problems that arise with those people. There are many things that cause physical suffering, suffering, and some problems have an expiration date. For example, debt problems, home loans, car loans, suffering and stress may only last for a certain period of time. but some problems Especially problems with living beings such as people around the family, at work, close relatives, friends, people in society, lovers, spouses

What are the benefits of good mood?

being in a good mood It will have a positive effect on the body, mind and many internal organs. The working system of the body is not abnormal and also has a positive effect on those around you. Everyone wants to be close to talk. Associate with good-natured people near and comfortable

As for those who are in a bad mood, frowning. Which may be expressed only on the face or some people show irritability, anger, easily upset, negative thinking, jealousy, speaking badly. Doing only bad things. This negative behavior Will cause stress, unhappiness. Negatively affect the body, internal organs, the body’s work system may have problems, such as being so stressed that the hair grows gray. Becoming in a bad mood all the time Acid reflux, gastritis, etc. No one wants to associate with or get close

Blame for thoughts, speech, and behavior that cause distress

A study of the dangers of thinking, speaking, or acting that cause oneself to suffer. Although at that time he was experiencing any problems. study to understand to the consequences that follow From suffering caused by thinking, speaking, complaining, venting problems and negative behaviors that are expressed insight will Helps to stop suffering quickly

The author’s direct experience In the past, there would be many life problems. It was a very stressful time. As a result, many negative effects on the body. Such as gray hair, have problems with the excretory system. eat something It’s almost indigestion. sleepless pale body grimace stressed all the time Used to walk and suddenly there was a stranger shouting to ask What would be so stressful? It has been like this for many decades. until he found himself ill, so he could think about it, now he would only ask to be a happy person Will not allow life to have suffering or keep suffering for example