How to preserve instant coffee sachets Keep it for a long time

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How to preserve instant coffee sachets Keep it for a long time, not hard, not broken.

Black coffee, instant coffee to brew by yourself Preservation to last a long time. For people who may not drink coffee often. One sachet may take several months to consume all, then you may encounter problems with broken, hard coffee. Because moisture can enter. easy way to store. I keep it in the envelope. and poured into glass bottles in small amounts. When it’s gone, fill it up.

Storing coffee even in a well airtight glass bottle But sometimes there are still problems that make the coffee hard. agglomerate Cannot use to make drinks Let’s look at a simple solution. That may help for people who do not drink coffee often. For example, the author bought one pack of about this, 50 grams. It will take about 3-4 months until the pack is finished. I don’t know how many months this pack has been. but not yet broken does not clump. Because moisture cannot enter. Read a great article here UFABET.

cutting coffee bags

cut in the upper left corner or right not very big. But to be able to pour the coffee powder out easily.

Pour the instant coffee into glass bottles in small quantities.

For those who rarely drink coffee If you don’t eat it every day, you can figure out how much you eat. Like the author, this amount will be eaten for about 4 days because sometimes they eat some, sometimes don’t eat, they will just pour it into a glass bottle. Not all broken, still in the envelope.

If you don’t drink coffee very often Pick up a bottle and shake some. Do not let it stand still to see if moisture can get in. If it starts to catch, it indicates that moisture can get in and may coagulate in the future

How to keep the coffee in the sachet to last longer

The author tried this method. Which can stored for several months already. When the coffee that is put in the glass bottle is empty, fill it, But do not open this sachet often. will allow moisture to enter. Then it will cause the coffee to clump up into lumps and can’t be eaten.


Drinking coffee should be eaten in the right amount. That the body can excrete Eating too much is not good for health, eating in moderation is useful, refreshing canned coffee, ready-mixed coffee, type ? in 1, all are not good for health. If you like coffee, you should practice eating black coffee without sugar.