Barcelona director insists on adding Ferran Torres to the team.

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Barcelona director Mateu Alemani has confirmed that work is being taken to complete the inclusion of the name Ferran Torres.

The Spanish national team forward moved from Manchester City football team to join Azul Grana at the end of last year. But now it is not possible to add the name to the team due to the club’s insufficient wage ceiling to include Ferran’s name on the team UFABET.

Barcelona director reaffirms that.

The club is continuing to work on the matter. But it’s not finish yet. Although the release of Philippe Coutinho has just been released.

“We still can’t include Ferran Torres’ name, although Philippe Coutinho is on loan at Aston Villa, it’s not enough,” Barcelona director said.

“But at the moment we are working under the terms of trying to name Ferran, talks are ongoing.”

Ferran Torres is currently undergoing treatment for COVID-19. And still not sure if it will be ready for the Super Cup game in Saudi Arabia or not.

Ferran Torres Biography.

 Full name Ferran Torres Garcia. Born February 29 in 2000. Spanish footballer, height 1.84 meters or 6 feet 0 inches, position, year, plays for the club Barcelona.

              Ferran Torres began his journey into football at the youth and professional level.

  • 2006-2017  Valencia Youth Club
  • 2017-2020 Valencia Club
  • 2020 Manchester City Club
  • Year 2022 Barcelona

Ferran Torres started playing for the Spanish national team for the first time in 2016-2017 U17 , 2018-2019 U19 , 2019 U21.