Brendan Rodgers led the Fox to write another history.

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Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers is aiming to lead the team through to the semi-finals. The first European football tournament in club history.

Leicester came through the first game at the King Power Stadium with a 0-0 scoreline, before visiting PSV Eindhoven’s Phillips Stadion in game two of the quarter-finals. Europa Conference League Thursday

blue fox Never made it to the semi-finals of any European Cup before, so Rodgers aims to make history happen again. After leading the team to the club’s first FA Cup championship UFABET last season.

“It’s always good to do something that hits the target for the first time. We’ve had that feeling in the FA Cup.”

“We’re not like PSV, who have been through a lot of European football. we have little experience. But we will grow to success.”

“We are ready to grab it. The first game gave us great motivation that you could do it. We will fight and do everything we can to qualify.”

“We’ve played big games in our league, we just keep on being positive, trying and scoring goals.”

As for facing PSV in game two. Brendan Rodgers certainly sees it differently from the first game.

“I think there will be more open space in this game, PSV defended deeper than their normal play in the first game.”

“That’s good for us. This means that we will have more room to play more offensively. If we’re cool enough We know we have players who can score goals.”