Carrick is confident ‘Rooney’ will come back stronger than before

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Michael Carrick, Manchester United legend and Middlesbrough manager, believes Wayne Rooney will come back stronger than before. After recently being fired from his position as team manager by Birmingham City.

The legendary Manchester United striker took a job with “Globe” in October 2023, then collected 10 points from the first 15 matches until the club fell from 6th to 20th. A

poor performance caused last Tuesday, No. Mingham ordered Rooney fired from his position, with the last match being a 3-0 defeat to Leeds United on New Year’s Day. ทางเข้า

Carrick admits that having been a player with many successes. It had nothing to do with the change of job to take on the position of managing the team.

“It’s not easy, it’s very challenging, whether you’ve been a player or not. It has almost nothing to do with each other.

“You are judged by your performance. Or how successful you are in the role you are in.

“Now I’m sitting here. The players will play on Saturday. I am in a completely different role. It has nothing to do with anything that happened in the past. It’s a matter of what happens next.

“I am very disappointed for Wayne because I am his friend. And I know he’ll come back. I know he will be successful.

“He is too good. He has too much knowledge. And there is too much experience not to use those things in the right way.”