Chelsea Thomas Tuchel has admitted he cannot stop Antonio Rudiger

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has admitted he cannot stop defender Antonio Rudiger if the player chooses to leave the club in the summer.

         The 28-year-old has a contract until June next year only. And can negotiate for a pre-contract agreement with any team from January. According to past reports by ufabet , he wants to consider the offer that will come in before cutting his interest in the future.

         While the “Chelsea” are trying to negotiate a new contract. Tuchel has praised the team for upgrading themselves again. Ready to answer about the transfer of the team of players as well

         “Tony has done a great job since the first day we worked together,” Tuchel told German media outlet Bild. “He is a true leader and plays at an unbelievably high level.”

         Asked about the possibility of a move to Bayern Munich next summer, Tuchel smiled and laughed and replied: “Then he will make it right if he wants that!”

And now Chelsea’s Champions League-winning boss Tuchel has admitted he hopes that Rudiger will extend his Stamford Bridge stay.

‘I hope that they find solutions, but it’s not only between coaches and players, and what we wish for,’ said Tuchel.

‘And that’s why it’s between the club, the players and the agent at the moment. We hope that they find the solution and all I can say is he’s playing excellently, and for a long time has been very consistent, on a very high level sport.

‘I feel him very calm and focused, and it’s not a distraction for him. So everything is in place, and give things the time they need. Sometimes it needs a bit longer, sometimes things are very fast.