Declan Rice has no reason to move from West ham now

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Ian Wright has pointed out that there is no reason West Ham midfielder Declan Rice needs to move at this time.

         The 22-year-old’s outstanding form at the club and with England has attracted interest from league-leading clubs Manchester United and Chelsea, but Wright sees no reason for Rice. Will move the team now when doing good work and have the opportunity to insert into the top four

         “West Ham are in the top four right now. But people are still saying Declan should leave, he shouldn’t leave now,” Wright told the Ringer ufabet FC podcast.

         “Declan was the captain of West Ham in the top four. Why would he move to another team in the next one or two years when he can lead West Ham in the top four? Of course you look at Manchester United and Chelsea, but why move now?

         “He could have played in the Champions League with West Ham and he was the captain. Go as far as possible with West Ham, stay with the team for four more years, you’re still at your peak.

         “There’s no reason Rice has to leave if I’m part of the team. I will tell him to stay and continue with West Ham.”