Gerard Pique reveals Mourinho taunts Spanish players.

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Gerard Pique has revealed that in the past Jose Mourinho’s time in Spain as Real Madrid coach created a rift between the Spanish players at the two football clubs.

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has said that Jose Mourinho’s time working in Spain as Real Madrid’s coach became a controversial figure in the rift between the Spanish club’s players. As reported by Mundo Deportivo on Friday. 

Mourinho led Inter to the treble in 2010 before joining Real Madrid as Real Madrid’s coach that summer. During his work there created a rift between the Spanish players of the two clubs. and also cause conflicts within the white team at the same time. UFABET Before fans breathed a sigh of relief after seeing him leave in the summer of 2013.

‘I remember the first time he came to Camp Nou with Real Madrid after winning the treble with Inter, it was very difficult for him. because he returned to reality and lost 0-5’

‘ in a press release He pressured every day And that’s too much for Guardiola. It has nothing to do with football. At that time he also destroyed the relationship between the players.’

‘If he goes to the player and says ‘Someone hates you.’ the player believed him. I’m in the national team and am going to say goodbye to [Iker] Casillas. But he doesn’t want to talk to me.’

‘We need a training session between the Barcelona and Madrid players to rebuild the relationship. Go back to the dressing room to unite and win.’ said Pique.