Sutton points out ‘Saka’ was embarrassed

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Famous pundit Chris Sutton thinks Bukayo Saka would feel embarrassed at Arsenal. They tried to protect him by referring the English referees’ organization (PGMOL) to complain about the winger’s lack of ability. Overplayed by opposition players,

Saka is the third most fouled player in the league in 2023 with 87 fouls, behind only Crystal Palace’s Jordan Ayew (117) and Bruno Gui. Newcastle’s Marais (92)

News reveals that the reason. Why Arsenal are dissatisfied is a combination of several events. Until they saw that the defenders of the rival team Tried to use force to tackle Saka. Without being punished by the referee on the field. ทางเข้า ufabet

During dialogue between Arsenal and the PGMOL, the North Londoners are believe to have said that a referee should issue a yellow card to an offender. After the first strong foul on the 22-year-old. Rather than wait for a second infringement.

Sutton replied by saying it should reflect positively on Saka if players are intent on fouling him constantly.

“I think Bukayo Saka is a little embarrassed about this situation.

“Is it like admiration? Where opposing players try to get close to you and kick you?

“I don’t think Arsenal have to do anything like that. I don’t know what they were thinking. And trying to walk anywhere is very nonsense.”