‘Tebas’ praises PSG as champions who spend the most money

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Javier Tebas, president of La Liga, expressed his view that if there was a tournament that was a waste of money, it would be Paris Saint-Germain. Ligue 1 giants will be the team that wins the championship.

Tebas has always criticized the spending of neighboring leagues, especially the Premier League and PSG, and he expressed the same stance during an event for Gazetta dello Sport on Saturday. past

“Premier League owners are paying huge sums of money. “Spanish football can

change its structure to follow the Premier League, but we choose sustainability.” “

Since 2000, Spanish clubs have won the European championship. Went 34 times and that shows we can be successful. Without having to spend losses like in other leagues. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

′′ ′′ While the league in France… over the last three seasons, PSG has lost 605 million euros and probably more than this. If they didn’t use financial adjustments”

“If there was a tournament where money was wasted, PSG would probably win the championship” “

Middle East League Working hard to increase strength But now they are not our competitors. Because the brand must be raised. and history of each club In

the same interview, Tebas also mentioned the giants of his own league, Barcelona

. Players leave before signing in, and for every 100 million raised You can only pay 40 million.”

“Barcelona must still be hungry to continue being successful. At the same time, they must be subject to all the rules for strengthening their troops.”